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Niodeus, LLC is a new company introduced to the United Sates from the Czech Republic in the spring of 2012. Niodeus, LLC became the official distributor in the US, Canada, and Mexico for Niode Qantero, beauty/massage device, produced by Czech manufacturer Niode, LTD. The machine has undergone modern development and as of today dominates in sales, effectiveness, and results of vacu-press devices throughout the entire central European region. The technique of these machines has been around for over 70 years and is expanding around the world.

Company Objective:

  • Introduce and expand the Qantero device throughout North America
  • Provide training and certifications
  • Provide natural therapy and cosmetics

Mr. Rosti Sobek is a Florida State licensed massage therapist and the founder of Niodeus, LLC. He has been studying the techniques of vacu-press devices in the Czech Republic alongside with the manufacturer Niode. The procedure he noted is very popular among the European people, even celebrities. He became a certified Qantero operator, trainer, and service provider in February 2012 and started the Niodeus, LLC company two months later.

“Our team wishes for our clients to have a great experience with our machines and complete satisfaction with our services”

Niodeus Skin Treatments

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DermaSwiss Cosmetics

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Vacu-press Treatments

Niode Qantero vacu-press device operates on the principle of vacuum shocks. It is designed for use not only in the beauty and wellness studios, but also at clinics and health centers as part of physiotherapy equipment. It is used both for the treatment of the body and for facial treatment - as one of the few devices on the European market.